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RCA Cord, as a connector of tattoo machine and power supply, transfers enough voltage and power to tattoo machines. Many people pay more attention to their rotary and power supplies, but seem to fail to take into account the Rca cord. If one cord unable to transmit overall power to motor, it’s bad to keep consistantly during tattooing. This is why are taking few month to research, very happy to share some of what we known here.

Cable Constructure
- conduction
ensure the stability of the conductive
affect the bending resistance of the cable, includes filler inside will be better

- jacket insulation
protect the internal material
improve the tensile strength
felixible with material

2. Almost all of rca cords on the market are silicone material, does it really good? Artists like its softness, no doubt, but have to face such a common problem like the cord broken, or does not work, or connect is not good ect., think that a lot of artists complained about this.

3.After our research, we found the truth.
1)Softness depends on the material of the jacket ,although silicone is soft, but the material with little toughness so easily to break.

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